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Kevin Wright
Artworks, symbolism, landscapes
Mayfield, New York
Visual Rhetoric: Symbolic landscapes and scenes by K. L. Wright


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Dreams in the Night
24" H x 36 " W
61cm H x 91.5cm W
Dreams drifting out into a moonlit night.[Feb.'06]


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The Dreams of a Lifetime
24" H x 29 " W
61cm H x 73.7cm W
Desires long held, blown away by fate.[Nov.'03]


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Dreams Arising
30" H x 30 " W
76.3cm H x 76.3cm W
Dreams drifting off into eternity.[July'06]


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Private Dreams
28" H x 22 " W
71.1cm H x 55.9cm W
Dreams closely held, rarely shared, cloistered and kept safe.[Sept.'07]



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